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About 2 months ago, I picked up this Vera Wang jacket during a sale at Goodwill for just under $10. I’m finally wearing it and I absolutely love it! The woven detail, the sleeve length and just the overall structure of the jacket are what caught my eye.  I’m so glad that people pass up the good stuff and leave it all for me!

In keeping with my style of cozy-chic, I paired the jacket with a simple Forever 21 tank, YMI jeggings, and a cute pair of red heels.  To give the outfit a little more punch, I belted it with a cheetah face embellished Avginon belt that was also thrifted. I also swiped on one of my favorite red lip colors by Stila and my new favorite pair of Run DMC inspired glasses.  These glasses have a crazy gaudy gold emblem on the side which make me love them even more!  I think I’ll grab a second pair  in case I lose or break ‘em.

IMG_47200 Blurred vision…


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  1. BlackBarbieKJ


    Love Your Blog!

    I have THAT Vera Wang coat and I bought it new at Kohl’s and paid a hefty price for it.
    I think the tag was like $120 and I got it for like $80 cause there is always some type of sale.

    It was WORTH every penny at the price I paid so I know you GOT A DEAL.

    I love that coat and its about 5-6 years old and I still ROCK IT.

    Be careful of the material- it snags :( but it is SO BEAUTIFUL! Just be careful!!!

    You got a SCORE!

    Happy New Year!


    • Vee


      Hey girlie! I’m just seeing this! This crazy filter sent your comment to spam :( Anyhoo, yes, I’m loving this coat and I have already noticed those darn snags!!! I hope your New Year was wonderful!!


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