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Because my hair is relaxed, I keep it conditioned very good in order to prevent breakage.  I recently started using the professional line of the Creme of Nature products for my after relaxer care. I fell in love with the conditioner so much that I now use it in place of all of my other conditioners for my regular washings.

The products claims, are that it can restore dry and damaged hair to a healthy state. It has truly restored my hair to a healthy point.  My hair wasn’t so much as damaged as it was dry.  I use it as a regular conditioner, deep conditioner and leave in.  As a regular conditioner, after washing, I leave it in for about 10 minutes and rinse out. For deep conditioning I leave it on for about 20 minutes with a plastic bag.  For a leave-in, I apply a quarter sized amount on my hair when it’s drenching wet and just style as usual.  Ever since I’ve been using it, my hair hasn’t been dry at all! In fact, it’s been more hydrated than ever! Not only that, I really like that it’s Certified Organic!

Creme of nature

Depending on what type of damage your hair is experiencing, this conditioner may be able to assist you, however, if your hair is severely damaged, there aren’t really any products that can repair the hair.  It has to either grow out of the damage or the damaged parts need to be cut out.  I was given that information from a long time licensed cosmetologist. I’m just saying this, because I don’t want you guys to go out and buy this if your hair is severely damaged and it doesn’t work.  But, if your hair is dry and maybe breaking due to being dry, you might want to give this a try and see if it can give your hair some rejuvenation! You can pick it up here at Sally’s Beauty Supply.




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