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I’ve gone back and forth with this one for some time now. I get my favorite lashes from an online retailer where they are never sold out!  I didn’t want to tell you guys about it, because I know if I tell you, you’re gunna rush over there to buy them, and my lashes are gunna be sold out! Despite the sadness I will experience by having to wait for restocks, I decided that my love for you guys is so great, that I will risk my favorite lashes being unavailable, just so you guys can get in on this!  You owe me!!!

false lashes

Alrighty! So, the site is called Loveyelashes.com. They carry pretty much any type of lash you could think of or want!  These 3 lash styles you see in the photo are the ones that I usually purchase and keep in heavy rotation.  You’ll be happy to know these particular lashes are under  $2.00!  They are such a good buy!  If you want the more expensive mink styled lashes, they have you covered.  I’m tellin’ you guys, this place have everything!

So now that I’ve divulged my deepest secret to you guys, you are forever in my debt! lol! OH! I almost forgot to mention that they are having a sale on Broadway lashes until 3-31-16.  They are only $1!!!  Get ‘em while the gettin’ is good girls!




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