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Of all the pieces in my makeup collection, my faves are my Alexis Bittar brush set and my makeup from the Christian Louboutin collection.  These are the types of pieces that any makeup lover would gladly welcome with a place on their vanity.

luxury brushes-louboutin

The Alexis Brittar brush set was a limited edition set, offered by Sephora.  I was lucky enough to get this set as a gift. When I first laid eyes on it, my mouth literally hit the floor! It’s almost too pretty to use!  The mix of gold plating, clear lucite ferrels with swarovski crystals is enough to make a girl drool!  If that isn’t enough, the the revolutionary synthetic hairs on the brush feel like angel wings brushing against one’s face. I kid you not!  I just love the feel of the brushes in my hand.  They have a little weight to them, which feels good when applying your makeup. The collection retailed for $175, but unfortunately, it is no longer available at Sephora, but you can find pieces of it on Ebay and other places around the net.


Mr. Red Bottoms himself, went and made a cosmetics collection!!! Heaven knows I was so excited when this came out, because I was not about to spend a month’s worth of mortgage on a pair Loubie’s! I figure grabbing a piece of the makeup collection is like having the lesser of the 2 evils.  How could you not pick up a piece of this, when the packaging looks this rich!  LOOK AT IT!  Above, you are looking at a lip liner.  Have you ever seen anything so gorgeous!  She’s so pretty that I’ve had her for months and can’t bring myself to use her—I just can’t!!!!  She retails for $40 at Sephora and in my opinion, worth every penny for the packaging alone.

louboutin-makeupWhat kind of makeup lover and hoard would I be, if I didn’t grab a lipstick too?  I wanted them all, but at $90, I had to settle for one.  I chose my favorite shade, which is “Diva”, a beautiful matte red.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to even swatch her!  How could I?  Look at her!  Did you know that she also doubles as a necklace?  Damn you Christian Louboutin with all your brilliant packaging!  I just can’t stand it!

Okay, I think I better simmer down, because I’m getting all worked up over all of this beauty!  From one makeup lover to another, if you have an opportunity to splurge on any of these pieces, or any beautiful luxury item, I say go for it!  It will look beyond gorgeous on your vanity , and they’re just nice to have.

What luxury cosmetics have you purchased that you just can’t bring yourself to use?! Comment below!


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