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If you don’t know about the Fenty Beauty release by Rhianna , I’m going to assume that you reside under a rock. Not  a cool rock either! It’s one of those dusty skipping rocks that are a dime a dozen. Okay, maybe that was a little overboard, but seriously, this is the most highly anticipated beauty release since…since….well, since ever!

Yes, it was just that amazing! BOLD PR did the damn thing! The promos and everything were just jaw dropping and inspiring I mean, look at this!

Ummm…hello! That’s pretty damn exciting! Of course I hopped my old butt online as soon as it released and lost my mind buying up everything!  I was spending money like I didn’t have any bills to pay. Just ridiculous! None the less, I was happy that I did it. I was even more happy that I could support Riri’s efforts, because girlfriend is on fire!  She had me at 40 fabulous shades of foundation! Yessssssss honey! #FentyForAll boo! Even though I haven’t been able to get the correct match yet and the shade I need to try is currently sold out, I’m still a stan for the idea of inclusivity.

Along with the foundation, I also picked up a Match Stick trio, concealer, Killowatt ( in a couple of shades including the prized Trophy Wife), Blotting powder and the Fenty Glow gloss. All I can say is I don’t have nothing bad to say. I love EVERYTHING! When I say EVERYTHING, I mean everything!  The products are good quality and can be used in so many different ways. This allows you to do everyday looks, or get wild and creative and step outside your box. I can’t wait for the brand to come out with even more products so I can really be broke!

Anyhoo, I didn’t do a review on my Youtube channel, but check out some of my fave reviews from the following Youtubers:

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