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“Diamonds are made under pressure.” I feel like I’m being perfected in more ways than one.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! It’s been so long since I last posted! So much had happened and changed in my life! Let’s see, I’m married now, I own a handmade bath company and I have a new little addition to the family!!!! No, not a baby, a puppy…which is pretty much the same thing if you ask me!  If you wanna do a quick catch up, follow me on IG and you can see what I’ve been up to. Anyhow, I just poked in to let you guys know that I’ll be blogging a little more now and to let you know what I’ll be blogging about.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia earlier this year and that’s the reason for my disappearing act.  The pain cycles were well…painful and depressing, so I wasn’t really up to writing much.  With family support, learning my new limits and of course God, I have been able to get back to some of the things I love the most, which is chattin’ it up with you guys and writing!


some of my beautiful bath bombs!

Long story short, I’ll be sharing  all kind of good stuff with you guys that I hope will benefit you in some way or another. I’ll be sharing some stuff about my business, beauty stuff of course and whatever else comes to mind. I really hope that you’ll chime in and hit these comments, so I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself! I want to hear from you guys too!

So yeah, it’s great to be back!






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